19/03/2009 05:02

In the news today


07/02/2009 21:24

Free e-cards

Send free e-cards to all  your friends! A selection of over 2000  fantastic  e-cards that you can customize.

Tons of categories to choose from.  Located on our life and living page.


27/01/2009 07:24

The content

Discovery magazine headlines, Popular Science, the Wall Street Journal online, Time magazine health and science news. Sports news from ESPN, live sports scores from cbs, todays front page newspapers from around the country and around the world. Get all the latest news from your favorite sources in one spot. Then post your views and opinions on it all on the forums. Everything in widget/gadget style so if you find a source you really like...you can grab it for you page!


26/01/2009 06:09

The forums

The forums. Easy and simple to use. A great way to express your point of view. No need to register, no need to sign up. Just post! Get instant feed back and share your opinions with others.


24/01/2009 10:58

First blog

Our new blog has been launched today. We've gathered together some great sources so you can get updated on all your favorite news in a flash. You can read new posts on this blog via the RSS feed.